How to join and fees

 To be a member is the main way to collaborate with the Association, both for the physical and economical support plus you will enjoy the benefits for the associates in all activities. Also allows you to actively participate in the generation of activities as well as in the government organs.

To became a member is easy, just send your registration form by email (or hand it to any of the Directive Members) and pay the annual cuote into the association that reads on the registration form. We will reply with a welcome message from the Association. 

Member´s cuotes for this year 2010 are as follows:
          Private Member: 20 €.
          Bar/Restaurant/Lodging: 50 €.
          Other businesses: 40 €.
a)      All associated businesses will have the right to advertise with their publicity in all material produced by the Association (website, leaflets…)
b)     There is a 50% discount for the second member of a family or the second business of a same owner.

If you want to read the Association Statutes, please click here los Estatutos de la Asociación click here

If you have any questions, please contact us on: