Letter to partners


Gaucin, November 2010
The Gaucin Tourist Board invites all members to the Annual Meeting on
December 16, 2010 at 19:00 in the Convent.
Dear member,
Your presence and participation, at least during the Annual Meeting, is essential for the continuation and proper functioning of the Tourist Board. We need your criticism, support, new ideas, to move forward with this project; they are the building stones for the tourist development of our town. We want the Tourist Board to be a meeting place, where Gaucineños and those who have chosen this place to live here can find a common ground for the development of our village.
The Board must be renewed, the incorporation of different people gives thrust and brings new ideas necessary to continue and improve. If you want to participate more actively and take the responsibility for a project or an idea which you think is important and which can be carried out by the Board, then this is the time to be part of that group of people who spend a little of their time to realise the projects of the Tourist Board, then this is the time to join the Board.
The agenda of the Assembly shall be as follows.
1.      Balance of projects during 2010.
·        Cats
·        Walking
·        Market
·        Bird panels
·        Full moon walks up the Hacho
·        The Tuesdays’ Get Togethers
·        Web page
·        Third Tapas contest
2.      Account Balance
3.      Election of new Board.
Voting on the nominations submitted before and during the Assembly:
·        Nominations
·        Election of new Board.
If you can not attend, then please vote by proxy, because we need a quorum of minimum 18 votes.
We hope you’ll be coming. Your presence and vote is necessary and fundamental.
Also, if you know someone interested in becoming a member, you are welcome that day and may be part of the Assembly.
Kind regards